this looks like a good place to put music that i'm making these days. go to these other sites to hear more:



Stone Soup Books: "A place to Return to"... its been around 250 zero days since I left the trail. I'm back in Waynesboro and at Stone Soup Books, where Marie and Laura Picked me up last december. I am buying a midsummer nights dream and a copy of Aristophanes "the birds" and "the frogs," then I will head up to Rockfish Gap. This whole hike is research for my thesis, a book of musical meditations based on the Appalachian Trail. I've been lucky to work as "composer in residence" at the Putney School in VT since January. While there I composed over 4.5 hours of music for the book. I've recorded a few of them on the piano (they are actually scored for string quartet): there exists much more of this music, but its time to go hiking now, and to leave all this technology behind. MEET ME ON THE TRAIL! LOVE, BOB

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