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My hair is this long, now.
Stone Soup Books: "A place to Return to"... its been around 250 zero days since I left the trail. I'm back in Waynesboro and at Stone Soup Books, where Marie and Laura Picked me up last december. I am buying a midsummer nights dream and a copy of Aristophanes "the birds" and "the frogs," then I will head up to Rockfish Gap. This whole hike is research for my thesis, a book of musical meditations based on the Appalachian Trail. I've been lucky to work as "composer in residence" at the Putney School in VT since January. While there I composed over 4.5 hours of music for the book. I've recorded a few of them on the piano (they are actually scored for string quartet): there exists much more of this music, but its time to go hiking now, and to leave all this technology behind. MEET ME ON THE TRAIL! LOVE, BOB


Walking Towards the Sun, round 2

Hello out there ...

As soon as my car gets its new springs I'm heading down to Waynesboro Virginia to get back on the AT at Rockfish Gap. From there I'll walk to Georgia. I might post some things on this blog along the way, but I don't have a camera so don't expect pictures.

Here is the first address that you could send me postcards or letters to. I like getting letters.

     send mail to:
          Bob Singley (AT SOBO Thru hiker)
          C/O General Delivery
          Damascus VA, 24236

I reckon I'll be there in about 15 days. Or so... If you want to join me on the trail, just come find me. love, bob